MSc Courses

At the Universities of Stuttgart and Ulm many interesting fundamental and advanced lectures or seminars on quantum science and technology are offered within the bachelor and master programs in physics, chemistry and engineering.

These offers are complemented by lectures of invited guest researchers and continuously developed and expanded by further interdisciplinary lectures and seminars.

In the Master's program, lectures are offered that are more advanced and specific to individual topics in order to gain a deeper and broader understanding of quantum science. 

After your MSc you can do your PhD in IQST Graduate School or join the newly founded GS in Photonic Quantum Technologies. (note information below)

Study courses Ulm University Winter/Summer semester Lecturer
Coherence and Decoherence of Open Quantum Systems WS S. Huelga
Condensed Matter Theory WS, SS B. Kubala
Experimental Quantum Optics SS A. Kubanek
Optical und Quantum Metrology WS E. Giese
Quantum Maschine Learning SS S. Wölk
Scattering Theory irregular Efremov
Seminar Quantum Sensing and Metrology irregular F. Jelezko
Seminar Ultracold Quantum Gases WS J. Hecker Denschlag
Theoretical Quantum Optics SS M. Plenio
Theory of Quantum Information WS M. Plenio
Ultracold Quantum Gases SS J. Hecker Denschlag
Introduction to Quantum Electronics irregular Siyushev

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Study courses University of Stuttgart Winter/Summer semester Lecturer
Advanced Quantum Theory WS M. Daghofer
Fortgeschrittene Molekül- und Festkörperphysik WS H. Gießen
Fortgeschrittene Vielteilchentheorie WS H.P. Büchler
Festkörperphysik: Licht und Materie 1+2    
Lineare Optik WS R. Löw
Halbleiter-Quantenoptik SS P. Michler
Halbleiterphysik 1+2    
Advanced Atomic Physics 1+2 SS/WS T. Pfau/T. Langen
Solid State Spectroscopy SS B. Keimer/C. Ast
Stochastic Dynamics 1+2    
Nichtlineare Dynamik 1+2 SS/WS J. Main
Quanteninformationsverarbeitung 1+2    
Advanced Statistical Phyiscs    
Solid State Theory SS M. Daghofer
Quantum Materials:
Superconductivity | Magnetism | Topological Aspects | Physics in Reduced Dimensions
Quantum Technologies 1+2 SS/WS S. Barz
Quantum Field Theory SS N. Lang
Quantum Computing 1 + 2 SS/WS J. Wrachtrup
Spin based Quantum Sensing SS J. Wrachtrup
Applications of Quantum Materials WS E. Uykur

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Interdisciplinary training program for Photonic Quantum Engineers

GRK 2462 "Towards Graduate Experts in Photonic Quantum Technologies" is a DFG-funded Research Training Group with the aim to establish a new type of professionals: The Photonic Quantum Engineer. The funding starts on April 1st 2021. The Research Training Group builds on activities of the Stuttgart Research Center of Photonic Engineering (SCoPE) and the Center for IQST.

The Photonic Quantum Engineer is an expert in both quantum physics and engineering. Therefore, the Research Training Group is going to establish a new interdisciplinary training program covering different aspects ranging from novel materials and fabrication methods over electronics and data analysis to theory and simulations. Each doctoral researcher will be supervised by one expert from physics and one from engineering and work a highly topical research projects related to quantum light sources, quantum sensing, and enabling technologies.

For more information please visit the GRK 2462 website.