IQST Young Researcher Projects

Young researchers projects provide funds to early career researchers (PhD <12 years) with funds for two years to hire a post/doctoral researchers and to purchase experimental equipment.   

Postdocs: M. Sc. Denis Djekic (Ulm), M. Sc. Sheikh-Abdullah-Al Nusayer; PIs: P. Schalberger (IGM, Stuttgart), T. Pfau (Stuttgart), J. Anders (Ulm) Read more
Postdoc: Ralf Albrecht (Stuttgart, starting January 2018); PI: Dr. Tim Langen (Stuttgart) Read more
Postdoc: Dr. Matthias Paul (Stuttgart); PI: Dr. Simone Portalupi (Stuttgart) Read more
PIs: Dr. Tobias Kampschulte (Ulm), Prof. Dr. Andreas Köhn (Stuttgart) Read more
PhD Student: Christian Osterkamp (Ulm); PIs: PD Dr. Boris Naydenov (Ulm), Prof. Dr. Tanja Weil (Ulm) Read more