IQST Graduate School Projects

Currently we provide financial support for 20 Graduate School Projects.  All projects have PIs working together from two different disciplines in order to encourage interdisciplinary solutions.  The graduate students and PIs become well-versed in the other discipline's language and culture.   

PhD Students: Haonan Huang (MPI); PIs: Prof. Dr. J. Ankerhold (Ulm), Prof. Dr. C. Ast (MPI), Jun.-Prof. J. Anders (Ulm), Prof. Dr. K. Kern (MPI) Read more
PhD Students: Roberto Ortiz (Ulm, MPI); PIs: Prof. Dr. U. Kaiser (Ulm), Prof. Dr. E. Benckiser (MPI), Prof. Dr. A. Weidenkaff (IMW) Read more
PhD Students: t.b.a. (Stuttgart); PIs: Prof. Dr. S. Loth (Stuttgart), Prof. Dr. B. Keimer (MPI) Read more
PhD Students: Sebastian Brauner (Stuttgart); PIs: Prof. Dr. S. Barz (Stuttgart), Prof. Dr. A. Kubanek (Ulm) Read more
PhD Students: t.b.a. (MPI/Stuttgart); PIs: Prof. Dr. P. Michler (Stuttgart), Dr. J. Weis (MPI), Prof. Dr. J. van Slageren (Stuttgart) Read more
PhD Students: Alexander Nüßeler (Ulm); PIs: Prof. Dr. K. Urban (Ulm), Prof. Dr. S. Montangero (Ulm), Prof. Dr. J. Ankerhold (Ulm), Prof. Dr. B. Haasdonk (Stuttgart) Read more
PhD Students: Michael Schmid (Stuttgart); PIs: Prof. Dr. M. Daghofer (Stuttgart), Prof. Dr. P. Hansmann (MPI) Read more
PhD Students: Michal Kern (Stuttgart), Stefan Bechler (Stuttgart); PD: Dr. Inga Fischer (Stuttgart); PIs: Prof. Joris van Slageren (Stuttgart), Prof. Jörg Schulze (Stuttgart) Read more
PhD students: Jennifer Gosner (Ulm); PIs: Prof. Joachim Ankerhold (Ulm), Prof. Dirk Lebiedz (Ulm) Read more