Research Highlights from 2016 - 2022

Title, Journal: Atom-Chip Fountain Gravimeter, Physical Review Letters, What?: A high-contrast BEC interferometer, realized in a volume as little as a one centimeter cube, paves the way for measurements with sub-μ Gal accuracies in miniaturized, robust devices , Who?: IQST Fellows W. Schleich Read more
Title, Journal: Self-bound droplets of a dilute magnetic quantum liquid, Nature, 539 - Nov 2016 What?: Stable self-bound droplets of a dilute magnetic quantum liquid made up of dysprosium atoms have been observed. Who?: IQST PI: I. Ferrier-Barbut, IQST Fellow T. Pfau Read more
Title, Journal: Sensing the quantum limit in scanning tunnelling spectroscopy, Nature Communications, What?:  The effect of charge quantization and the resulting interaction with the local environment limits the ultimate energy resolution in scanning tunneling spectroscopy, Who?: IQST PIs C. Ast, M. Etzkorn, IQST Fellows J. Ankerhold, K. Kern  Read more
Title, Journal: Fluorescent Nanodiamond-Gold Hybrid Particles for Multimodal Optical and Electron Microscopy Cellular Imaging, Nano Letters, What?: Confocal and optical coherence microscopy of the fluorescent nanodiamond-gold nanoparticles allow for fast investigations inside living cells via emission, scattering and photothermal imaging techniques,  Who?:  IQST YR B. Naydenov, IQST Fellows F. Jelezko, U. Kaiser, T. Weil, J. Wrachtrup Read more
Title, Journal: Ultracold Chemical Reactions of a Single Rydberg Atom in a Dense Gas, Physical Review X, What?: A thorough and unprecedented study of Rydberg-neutral atom collisions in an ultracold environment is achieved; presented are experiment results for the Rydberg collisional lifetimes for a variety of expeirimental parameters of interest, and a theoretical model for the observed by-products of the resulting chemical reaction, Who?: IQST PI R. Löw, IQST Fellow T. Pfau Read more
Title, Journal: Three-body interaction of Rydberg slow light polaritons, Physical Review Letters, What?:  The influence of the three-body repulsion on bound states and correlation functions of photons propagating through a one-dimensional atomic cloud is derived, Who?:  IQST PI: K. Jachymski, IQST Fellow H.P. Büchler Read more
Title, Journal: Ultrasensitive Magnetometer using a Single Atom, Physical Review Letters, What?: Using a single atomic ion as a sensor, the authors experimentally attain a sensitivity close to the standard quantum limit, even at high frequency fields, by adapting a dynamical decoupling scheme that allows for extending T2 by orders of magnitude and merging it with a magnetic sensing protocol. Who?: IQST Fellow M.B. Plenio Read more
Title, Journal: Quantum Metrology Enhanced by Repetitive Quantum Error Correction, Physical Review Letters, What?: A long-lived nuclear spin is used to correct multiple phase errors on a sensitive electron spin in diamond and realize magnetic field sensing beyond the time scales set by natural decoherence, Who?: IQST YR B. Naydenov, IQST Fellows M.B. Plenio, F. Jelezko  Read more
Title, Journal: Crossover from Classical to Quantum Kibble-Zurek Scaling, Physical Review Letter, What?: The Kibble-Zurek hypothesis predicts the scaling of the defect formation immediately after quenches across classical and quantum phase transitions as a function of the quench speed. In this work the value of the quench rate that separates the classical and quantum regimes is estimated. Who?: IQST Fellow T. Calarco, S. Montangero Read more
Title, Journal: Jahn-Teller Effect in Systems with Strong On-Site Spin-Orbit Coupling, Physical Review Letters What?: When strong spin-orbit coupling removes orbital degeneracy, it would at the same time appear to render the Jahn-Teller mechanism ineffective; such a situation is discussed, Who?: IQST Fellow M. Daghofer  Read more
Title, Journal: Real-Time Dynamics in U(1) Lattice Gauge Theories with Tensor Networks, Physical Review X, What?: This work exploits recent algorithmic developments in the field of gauge-invariant tensor networks to investigate the real-time dynamics of string breaking in a quantum link formulation of the one-dimensional U(1) lattice gauge theory. Who?: IQST Fellow S. Montangero Read more
Title, Journal: A Four-Coordinate Cobalt(II) Single Ion Magnet With Coercivity and a Very High Energy Barrier, Nature Communications. What?: A cobalt single molecule magnet, with a record breaking energy barrier towards relaxation of the magnetization, was discovered and the origin of its properties fully elucidated. Who?: IQST Fellow J. van Slageren  Read more
Title, Journal: Nuclear magnetic resonance detection and spectroscopy of single proteins using quantum logic, Science, What?: Quantum logic, to improve readout fidelity, and a surface treatment technique, to extend the spin coherence time of shallow NV centers, are used to demonstrate a sensitivity sufficient to perform magnetic spectroscopy of an individual protein, Who?: IQST PI L. McGuinness IQST Fellows F. Jelezko Read more
Title, Journal: Observing the Rosensweig instability of a quantum ferrofluid, Nature, Feb 2016 What?: A quantum fluid of tiny magnets, dysprosium atoms, was created with the properties of gases, crystals and superfluids combined into a single unique state of matter.  Who?: IQST PI: I. Ferrier-Barbut, IQST Fellow T. Pfau Read more