Tailored Quantum States of Matter

The interplay between interactions and quantum fluctuations is at the very heart of quantum phase transitions and strongly correlated quantum phases. The main goal of this research area is to engineer and develop systems exhibiting novel states of matter such as spin liquid phases or topological phases. The latter is of special interest in applications for topological quantum computation. Moreover, the understanding of dynamical effects in strongly correlated systems is the basis of novel functionalities.  There are two physical platforms where these systems are being explored:  namely solid state physics and atomic physics.   In the area of solid state physics some of the PIs use a variety of spectroscopic methods in order to elucidate the principles underlying the formation of unconventional superconducting states in correlated-electron materials and their competition with other types of order, with a particular recent focus on electronic analogs of liquid-crystalline states. In the area of atomic physics some of the PIs use cold atoms as a model system and as a testing ground for novel approaches to prepare and analyze correlated many-body quantum states. These model systems represent spin quantum systems with complex quantum phase transitions and might also find applications in the processing and storage of quantum information. Both platforms will explore the ultimate limits imposed by quantum dynamics onto a variety of phenomena including quantum phase transitions and information propagation in extended many-body quantum systems, such as ultra-cold atoms in optical lattices.

Research topics (groups)

  • Understand and control of electronic (fermionic) correlations in novel materials (Büchler, Daghofer, Giessen, Kaiser, Mannhart, Pfau, Takagi)
  • Strongly interacting quantum many-body systems: Ground state, spectral and dynamical properties (Büchler, Daghofer, Huelga, Mannhart, Montangero, Pfau, Plenio, Takagi)
  • Dynamic control of interacting quantum matter (Ankerhold, Giessen, Montangero, Pfau, Takagi)
  • Transport phenomena in optical lattices and the role of noise in the creation of correlations and entanglement (Hecker Denschlag, Huelga, Pfau, Plenio)