Quantum Technology and Applications

The rise of quantum science and technology is fuelled by its promise of novel paradigms for device applications, from information processing to sensing technologies. These ambitious goals can be achieved only in close cooperation with partners who help identify outstanding challenges in the fields of application and contribute their expertise and know-how to tackle them.

IQST researchers have pioneered applications of quantum technology in several areas. In particular, they have a leading role in translating advances in fundamental quantum science into the biomedical and clinical arena. Working with partners in the clinical and life sciences, they develop, test and implement quantum technologies that, for example, enhance magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) capabilities and offer novel approaches for breath-gas analysis.

Supported by high-tech companies in Baden-Württemberg, IQST has recently also contributed to the founding of the DLR (German Aerospace Center) Institute for Quantum Technologies in Space Applications at Ulm University (DLR-QT). That cross-disciplinary institute will be instrumental in bringing basic research in quantum technologies to prototype maturity, for next-generation precision instruments deployed for navigation, communication as well as for earth and weather observation from space.