Quantum Materials

In some materials, quantum effects give rise to properties that are impossible to achieve in classical systems, such as the lossless transport of electrical current. Designing, engineering and studying materials that exhibit such novel states of matter has led already to deep insight into the physics of materials — and paves the way to ultimately harnessing quantum phenomena in electronic devices.

In IQST, leading experts in theoretical and solid-state physics, materials science, and engineering join forces to tackle the complex task of exploring what sort of quantum states are possible in matter, how such states can be created and controlled, and how the necessary materials can be fabricated and characterised.

They explore quantum matter using two principle platforms: solid-state materials on the one hand, and atomic and molecular systems on the other. The latter are exceptionally clean systems for exploring novel concepts, whereas the former provide the basis for exploiting the new states of matter in practical quantum devices. On the route from fundamental quantum physics to innovative technologies, we develop also new ways for synthesizing nanostructured materials, and for interfacing electronic quantum states in solids with quantum states of light.