Externally Funded Projects

The center for IQST comprises some of the world’s leading experts in a wide variety of disciplines, including quantum physics, materials science, atomic engineering, chemical and biochemical synthesis, and medicine. IQST Fellows have received an ERC Synergy Grant, eight ERC individual-investigator grants, five Leibniz prizes, and two Humboldt professorships in quantum science. Furthermore, they lead numerous EU quantum projects and the EU quantum Flagship Initiative.

National Projects

CiRQus - Quantum simulation with circular Rydberg atoms is led by IQST young researcher Florian Meinert, University of Stuttgart and funded with 2,6 Mio€. Term: 01.12.2021-30.11.2026 Read more
IQST fellows are participating in several projects to realize QC demonstrators based on different platforms: Spinning / QSolid / PhoQuant / MuniQC-Atoms. Term: 2022 - 2026 Read more
The project is funded by BMBF with 16,6 Mio Euro. The research consortia is led by IQST-Board member Stefanie Barz @ University of Stuttgart. Term: 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2025 Read more
First quantum computer demonstrator based on trapped Rydberg atom arrays. The research consortium (Universities of Stuttgart and Ulm, Toptica Photonics AG) is led by Tilman Pfau. Term: 01.02.2021 -… Read more
Joint project between academia and industry partners to bring innovative quantum sensors to market starting January 2021. Coordinated by IQST Fellow Jens Anders. Read more
Silicon photonics in secure quantum networks Coordinated by IQST-Fellow: S. Barz Read more
Neuartige Gehirn-Maschine Schnittstelle basierend auf Quantensensoren Coordinated by IQST-Fellow: J. Wrachtrup  Read more
Coordinated by IQST Co-Director: T. Pfau IQST Participants: H.P. Büchler, H. Giessen, J. Hecker Denschlag, T.Pfau Read more
Coordinated by IQST Co-director T. Pfau IQST Participants: J. Ankerhold, H.P.Büchler, T. Calarco, M. Daghofer, J. Hecker Denschlag, H. Giessen, S. Huelga, F. Jelezko, U. Kaiser, P. Michler, S.… Read more

EU Projects

Controlled Local Heating to Crystallize Solution-based Semiconductors for Next-Generation Solar Cells and Optoelectronics (LOCAL-HEAT) Term: 2022-2027 Read more
LongRangeFermi: A microscopic view of fermionic quantum matter with long-range interactions. Term: 2021-2026 Read more
Supersolids and beyond: Exploring new states of matter with laser-cooled dipolar molecules (NEWMAT). Term: 2021-2026 Read more
Unravelling cell metabolism with the help of MRI and diamond sensors Coordinated by IQST Fellows M. Plenio and F. Jelezko together with Jan Ardenkjær-Larsen, Technical University of Denmark Read more
Corrdinated by IQST Fellow: M. Plenio IQST Participants: F. Jelezko, I. Schwartz Read more
IQST Scientists are coordinating a/o participating in several Flagship Projects: ASTERIQSmacQsimal / PASQuanS / MetaboliQs Read more
IQST Scientists are coordinating a/o participating in several QuantEra Projects: MICROSENS / NanoSpin / Q_Magine / QTFLAG / SUMO / TheBlinQC Read more
Coordinated by IQST Fellow: J. Wrachtrup Read more
Coordinated by IQST Fellow: M. B. Plenio IQST Participants: F. Jelezko, T. Weil Read more
Coordinated by IQST Fellow: J. Wrachtrup Read more