Public Engagement and Teaching Teachers Program

IQST researchers have a long-standing tradition in organizing a wide range of successful science outreach events and exhibitions and continuously enhance these activities by new strategies for intensifying public engagement in quantum science.

Pupils’ Laboratory

IQST supports and actively develops the dedicated Teaching-Learning-Lab with hands-on experiments in physics and quantum science, called the School Lab “Spiel der Kräfte” at the 5th Institute of Physics of the University of Stuttgart. The Pupils' Laboratory regularly hosts pupils from various age groups to introduce the fascinating world of quantum physics on the basis of interactive and innovative experiments.

Quantum Science Slam | Quantum Physics on Stage

Take the opportunity to explain your research to your family and non-scientist friends!

IQST organizes annual quantum science slams, known as Q Science Slam. Being the only science slam nationwide specialized in quantum science, the IQST Q Science is an exceptionally popular event aiming to transfer concepts in quantum science to the general public of all ages and educational backgrounds. Watch our educational and entertaining Quantum Science Slams on IQST YouTube channel.

Good news for slammers: the IQST Q Science Slam includes a special preparation package, a workshop on science communication with training for presentation, speech and explaining science to non-scientists. 

Teaching Teachers Program

Physics enthusiast and a school teacher? Learn to teach quantum Physics with IQST !

The Teaching Teachers program of IQST offers continuing education workshops and training lectures for high school teachers and didactics university students seeking to specialize in the field of modern physics and quantum science. These activities are supported by the Physics Didactics Research group at the 5th Institute of Physics of the University of Stuttgart.

Stipend Program for Teaching Students

Master's degree in education? Do your master's thesis in IQST !

IQST offers a special stipend program for students with a bachelor's degree in physics who would like to pursue a master's degree in education at the University of Stuttgart or Ulm University. The students are required to carry out their master's thesis on a quantum science related topic in the center for IQST. As part of this master's curriculum the students contribute to designing and building special experiments for high school curriculum of modern physics and quantum science.

Your benefits: becoming a specialized teacher for quantum physics and profiting from a financial support for the whole duration of your master's thesis!

Apply now for fellowships starting in winter semester 2021/2022. Application deadline: May 2nd, 2021

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