Equal Opportunities Programs

The Center's partner institutions - the Universities of Stuttgart and Ulm and the Max Planck Institute - are deeply committed to offering family-friendly policies and providing optimal support for researchers with diverse backgrounds.

Family Support Grant | Balancing academic career and family life

The family support grants of IQST are intended for the whole IQST community, including PhD students, early career scientists and fellows, to facilitate the reconciliation of academic careers and family life. It covers costs to compensate for reduced working hours and costs beyond conventional parental support schemes. The terms of this unique grant are summarized below:

  • Researchers of IQST community with children aged 0 - 6 years
  • Up to a maximum grant of 20% of TVL E13 per year independent of current working contract or status of applicant
  • Funding duration up to 24 months
  • The grant can be spent flexible according to working / living / child care conditions to hire a HiWi or support private childcare for unusual cases (not for standard child care like Kita or Kindergarten) e.g. private childcare when no kindergarten place was available, hourly-based childcare to perform duties at workplace (for unusual hours outside kindergarten/kita hours, when parents need to perform duties at work, or in case of child’s disability or illness)
  • Travel support for accompanying family member of scientists to provide childcare for max. 2 conferences / research stays per year against invoice within grant limit
  • To apply for this grant please ask IQST Management office for the application template

Network of Female Scientists of IQST Community

Since 2018 the network of female scientists of IQST and the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart, the Athena Group, has been supporting female scientists across different career stages. The Athena Group consists of 3 main pillars, namely mentoring, networking and lecture series and benefits from a bottom-up approach, i.e. from the involvement and commitment of all the members (female and male) who are interested in supporting female scientists.

Mentoring programs for female scientists

The institutions participating in the Center for IQST offer excellent mentoring programs for young female scientists.

In addition, IQST actively takes part in the annual Girl’s Day events at all its three locations to showcase possible careers in science and technology for school girls.