Early Career Researcher Program

Within the Center for IQST we promote programs and activities that enable early career researchers to gain scientific independence and acquire life-long transferrable skills.   

Graduate School

The Center for IQST graduate school has over 30 participants working on various projects at the Universities of Ulm and Stuttgart and at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research. 

The Center for IQST graduate school has the following goals:  

  • Exchange of knowledge between disciplines and projects
  • Build the foundation for a long-lasting network of colleagues
  • Gain independence in organizing events, giving talks, inviting guests
  • Learn transferrable skills to advance your career, e.g. german academia, negotiation skills, presentation skills, job applications, entrepreneurship
  • Be exposed to new career opportunities, industries and scientific ideas  

 Activities of the IQST Graduate School:

Young Researcher Network

The scientific independence of postdoctoral researchers, group leaders and early career professors working with IQST fellows is specifically promoted in the center by encouraging them to apply for research projects via the IQST Graduate School, Young Researcher Projects, the Alliance program and common larger coordinated proposals within the Center.

They are also encouraged to independently apply for funds for guest researchers and conference sponsorship to support their external leadership activities.  

For further questions please contact:

IQST Management Office