Early Career Programs

Within the Center for IQST we promote programs and activities that enable early career researchers to gain scientific independence and acquire life-long transferrable skills. IQST educates quantum scientists and trains the future implementers of quantum technologies by the following schemes:   

Graduate School

The Center for IQST Graduate School has around 30 participants working on various joint projects at the Universities of Ulm and Stuttgart and at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research. IQST Graduate School offers an interdisciplinary curriculum encompassing physics, mathematics, engineering, chemistry, and focuses on knowledge exchange between different disciplines and projects. Beyond education IQST intends to build the foundation for a long-lasting network of colleagues, teaching transferable skills and exposure to new career opportunities in Academia and Industry.

Activities of the IQST Graduate School:

  • Bi-weekly IQST Seminars by external guests from academia and industry
  • Exchange program between Ulm & Stuttgart and International partners
  • Annual Hannover Fair partcipation
  • Summer Schools
  • PhD pitch seminars and brunch talks
  • Transferrable skills workshops
  • Participation in Industry forums and talks
  • PhD award program
  • Quantum Entrepreneurship Seminars

Interdisciplinary training program for Photonic Quantum Engineers

GRK 2462 "Towards Graduate Experts in Photonic Quantum Technologies" is a DFG-funded Research Training Group with the aim to establish a new type of professionals: The Photonic Quantum Engineer. The funding starts on April 1st 2021. The Research Training Group builds on activities of the Stuttgart Research Center of Photonic Engineering (SCoPE) and the Center for IQST.

The Photonic Quantum Engineer is an expert in both quantum physics and engineering. Therefore, the Research Training Group is going to establish a new interdisciplinary training program covering different aspects ranging from novel materials and fabrication methods over electronics and data analysis to theory and simulations. Each doctoral researcher will be supervised by one expert from physics and one from engineering and work a highly topical research projects related to quantum light sources, quantum sensing, and enabling technologies.

For more information please visit the GRK 2462 website.

Blue Sky Projects | Curiosity-driven Science with IQST

Are you a senior PhD student or Postdoc ? Do blue sky research with IQST  

  • Promoting high-risk projects from the fundamental science area, where the project‘s success and real-world applications are not immediately apparent
  • Creating an environment for creativity, innovation and the joy of discovery
  • Follows the IQST research concepts: scientific excellence, interdisciplinary projects and networking of different areas and institutions

Early Career Grant

Want to do a postdoc ? Apply for an IQST's early career grant !

PhD holders interested in IQST topics could carry out their postdoctoral research in IQST hosted by an IQST fellow. This early stage postdoctoral grant is intended for candidates who have obtained their doctoral degree no longer than 5 years ago and is limited to a period of 24 months. Interdisciplinary projects and collaboration across two different IQST locations (e.g. MPI and Ulm University) are among the most important criteria for a successful early career grant application.

Early Career Network

The scientific independence of postdoctoral researchers, group leaders and early career professors working with IQST fellows is specifically promoted in the center by encouraging them to apply for research projects via the IQST Graduate School, Young Researcher Projects, the Alliance program and common larger coordinated proposals within the Center.

They are also encouraged to independently apply for funds for guest researchers and conference sponsorship to support their external leadership activities.  

For more information please contact:

IQST Management Office