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Jul. 13. 16:00,    Jul. 13. 18:00  Speaker: Dr. Peter Schauss, Physics Department, Princeton University
Topic: Microscopy of atomic Fermi-Hubbard systems in new regimes University of Stuttgart, Pfaffenwaldring 57 | Room 3.123
Read more
Jul. 04. 13:30,    Jul. 06. 12:30  The center for IQST will hold this symposium in honor of Wolfgang Schleich's 60th birthday. Read more
Jun. 28. 17:30,    Jun. 28. 16:30  Speaker: Maura Sassetti, Genova University Title: Single-electron injection into interacting topological channels Read more
Jun. 27. 17:15,  Speaker:Michael Bolle, Corporate Research and Development, Robert Bosch GmbH  Title: Quantum Technologies and their importance for Bosch Read more
Jun. 27. 14:00,  Speaker: Hartmut Häffner, University of California Berkeley Title: A Michelson-Morley test for electrons using trapped ions Read more
Jun. 07. 11:00,  Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jörg Wrachtrup Direktor des 3. Physikalischen Instituts der Universität Stuttgart. Title: PHOTONEN UND SPINS Neue Kontraste für die optische Mikroskopie Read more
May. 29. 16:00,  Get to know the EXIST Founders Program, the TTI GmbH and other entrepreneurs in Stuttgart! Read more
May. 19. 15:30,  Speaker:Michael Knap (Technical University of Munich) Title: Collective Quantum Dynamics: From ergodicity to manybody localization Read more
May. 19. 14:00,  Speaker: Stephanie Reimann (Lund University). Title:Quantum gases in a low-dimensional confinement – from few-body properties to the mean-field regime Read more
May. 16. 17:15,  Speaker:Michael Lang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a.M. Title:Exploring Mott physics and quantum phase transitions in molecular solids Read more