IQST Day 2016

IQST Day Program | October 12th, 2016

IQST Day Poster Program | October 12th, 2016

Talk by Chris Monroe: ''Time to Build a Quantum Computer''

Talk by Chris Myatt: 'From BEC to CEO: The Entrepreneurial Experience''

IQST Day Photos : Credit: Universität Stuttgart, Photolabor

Overview of the center's activities by Tommaso Calarco & Tilman Pfau

Talks given by IQST PhDs and Postdocs about their research topics


Seminar by Chris Myatt, PhD, CEO | The Entrepreneurial Experience

To kick off IQST Day, we had a fantastic talk the evening before, by Chris Myatt, discussing his experience founding two companies:  Precision Photonics and MBio Diagnostics.

Coffee Break, Poster Session and Get-together

Guest Speaker: Chris Monroe "Time to build a quantum computer"

Panel Discussion "How to develop quantum innovation eco-systems?"

Moderator: Gustav Kalbe, EU Commission

Guests: Bert Klebl (LDC), Christian Reitberger (Wellington Partners), Ilai Schwartz (NVision), Chris Myatt (MBio)


All photos are from the University of Stuttgart, Photolabor