Hannover Messe 2017

IQST participated in the Hannover Messe 2017, the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology.  We thank the IQST Graduate students Alexander Friedrich, Timo Weggler, Johannes Schmidt, Mario Schwartz and Stefan Häussler for representing the center so outstandingly.  


To demonstrate quantum physical phenomena and a portable quantum device, researchers from the Center for IQST presented the following experiments at the Hannovermesse:

• Quantum Video Games: Simulate the manipulation of single atoms using an optical dipole trap (trap made by a focused laser) and explore fundamental quantum phenomena.

• Prototype of a portable trace gas analyzer: Target atoms loaded inside a glass cell and illuminated with external laser beams can serve as sensitive detectors for trace amounts of gas particles. Electronics are embedded into the gas cell to increase the sensitivity of the device.

We enjoyed discussing with the many companies that came to the stand. We look forward to future collaboration and seeing you again next year.

The exhibition was held from 23 -27 April, 2017 at the "Research & Technology" exhibition in hall 2. This exhibition hall brings together worldwide institutes for research, development and technology transfer.  Throughout all fair halls visionary products and applications are shown.  The Hannover Messe traditionally brings together representatives from all areas of science, business and politics.

Press release

Poster at the stand

Representative: Dr. Tara Cubel Liebisch

Impressions from the Hannover Messe