Seminar by Chris Myatt, PhD, CEO | The Entrepreneurial Experience

Can academic training at IQST prepare you to start a company?

16:30 Oct. 11, 2016    17:30 Oct. 11, 2016

Location: University of Stuttgart | Pfaffenwaldring 57 Hörsaal 3

Please join for a seminar talk about 'The Entrepreneurial Experience' by one of our panel's guests for IQST Day.  There will be ample opportunity for participants to ask questions.   

The Entrepreneurial Experience; abstract by Chris Myatt

Can academic training at IQST – an institute similar to those where I was trained as a student at JILA and a post-doc at NIST – prepare you to start a company? While the subject of research at these institutions may not be directly applicable to industrial problems—in my case, Bose-Einstein Condensation and Quantum Computing—the skill sets and tools you develop are of great value in preparing you to start a company. I will discuss briefly the two companies I have founded, what it takes to get going, and the lessons learned in doing so.

Background of Chris Myatt, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Myatt is Co-Founder and CEO of MBio Diagnostics, Inc. He is an entrepreneur with a proven track record for building technology companies, securing patents and licensing technology, raising funding, establishing commercial operations, and leading through growth. Prior to MBio Diagnostics, Chris successfully founded and led Precision Photonics Corporation, a successful laser and optical technology supplier that is now a division of IDEX. Trained as a physicist and measurement scientist, Chris invented and developed multiple technologies that formed the basis of his companies. He earned bachelors degrees at Southern Methodist University, and a PhD in Atomic Physics at the University of Colorado. Chris studied Bose-Einstein Condensation under Carl Wieman, and quantum information under David Wineland as a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow at NIST Boulder.

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