Release of a forward-looking and influential paper in the Journal of Modern Optics | Co-authored by Wolfgang Schleich

Light the universe and everything- 12 Herculean tasks for quantum cowboys and black diamond skier

Journal of Modern Optics, Volume 65, 2018 - Issue 11: SI: PQE Winter Colloquium 2017

IQST executive board member Wolfgang Schleich and one of his students, Harald Losert, are co-authors of a forward-looking and influential article in the Journal of Modern Optics. The paper describes some of the biggest scientific challenges in optical physics.

In January of 2O17, the participants of the annual conference on Physics of Quantum Electronics were asked to consider the most important ideas and challenges for the future of optical physics, and to formulate a set of questions representing some of the greatest aspirations in this field. This resulted in a multi-authored paper, in which many of the world's leading experts addressed fundamental questions such as the future of gravitational wave astronomy (the topic of a recent Nobel prize), new quantum phases of matter such as time crystals, quantum theory in uncharted territories, and the ultimate limits to photon energies and optical resolution.

The paper considers new roles that atoms could play in emerging technologies, new materials and the future of quantum weirdness, properties such as coherence, squeezing and entanglement.

The title of the paper, inspired by the location of the conference in Snowbird Utah, is unique:" Light the universe and everything - 12 Herculean tasks for quantum cowboys and black diamond skiers" . View full article