Quantum Incubator Seminar | Quantum Technologies and their importance for Bosch

Michael Bolle, the president of corporate research at Bosch and a IQST Scientific Advisory Board Member, discussed the future of quantum technologies at Bosch.  


Michael Bolle, President Corporate Research and Development, Robert Bosch GmbH


Quantum Technologies and their importance for Bosch


The possibilities of computing and Moore’s law were and are still an important driver for innovations at Bosch. The computing requirements of future innovations in a connected world with artificial intelligence, however, are challenged by the end of Moore’s law. Bosch is on the path to become a major Internet of Things company. Quantum Technologies have the prospect to be a major driver for Bosch innovations, especially for the future world with an Internet of Things.


The talk given at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research was very well attended.  Dr. Bolle gave an in-depth overview of Robert Bosch GmbH including the new research campus in Renningen, discussed why physicists should work at Bosch, and presented specific quantum technologies that are being developed in collaboration with the Universities, including partners within the Center for IQST.  Dr. Bolle's talk was a strong statement that the development of quantum technologies is important to German tech companies.  The discussion focused on what the optimal collaboration between companies and Universities should look like in order to drive innovation and bridge the infamous 'Valley of Death'.  In particular is the amount of money invested the best measurement of the importance of quantum technologies to a company and is taking large research programs away from the Universities to install them at large companies the most effective use of resources?