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Uniaxial pressure control of competing orders in a high-temperature superconductor

Strain dependence of the quasi-elastic line at Q(3D)

Cuprate superconductors are known to harbor charge order in part of their phase diagram. The order has a two-dimensional (2D) character at zero magnetic field, whereas a 3D order appears at high fields. In x-ray diffraction measurements under high uniaxial pressure, we have discovered Bragg reflections characteristic of 3D charge order even at zero magnetic field. We also demonstrated a soft phonon mode that is associated with the formation of 3D order. The results provide insights into the normal-state properties of cuprates and illustrate the potential of uniaxial-pressure control of competing orders in quantum materials.

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H.H. Kim, S.M. Souliou et al., Science 362, 1040 (2018)