Midterm ceremony at the new research building ZQB at UUlm

Nearly one year after the start of construction, the shell of the new research building for the "Center for Quantum and Biosciences" (ZQB) is finished. This was celebrated on November 27. 

Joy at the ceremony (from left to right): Ulm's mayor Martin Bendel, Angela Wehling and Wilmuth Lindenthal (both VBA, Amt Ulm), MWK chief of staff Ulrich Steinbach, Prof. Fedor Jelezko (BioQ / ZQB), University Ulm President Prof. Michael Weber, Prof. Martin Plenio (BioQ / ZQB), Prof. Tanja Weil (BioQ / ZQB) and University Ulm Chancellor Dieter Kaufmann (Photo: Eberhardt / Uni Ulm)

Illustration of the Center for Quantum- and Biosciences (ZQB) by Heinle, Wischer and Partner

The new research building with a usable area of around 2800 m2 is being built on the campus of Ulm University. In the beginning of 2019, almost 115 researchers from various disciplines will work in state-of-the-art laboratories in the four-story building. Together, they want to develop new approaches based on quantum technology and contribute to biomedical research and diagnostics. Their goals are high-performance sensors and the improvement of imaging techniques - one example is single-molecule magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

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