IQST Young Researchers Tim Langen and Simone Portalupi present at the BW Forschungstag

As part of the elite Baden-Württemberg postdoctoral program Dr. Tim Langen and Dr. Simone Portalupi (represented by doctoral student Mr. S. Kolatschek) had the opportunity to present their research at the Baden-Württemberg research day ('Forschungtag').  

 The Baden-Württemberg Research Day offered a day of excellent talks and presentations of research funded by the BW Foundation.   The theme of this year's day was ''New materials and forward-looking technologies'' (Neue Materialien und zukunftsweisende Technologien).  The talks ranged from cutting-edge advances in 3D printing of complex micro-optics as presented by IQST Fellow Harald Giessen to considerations of the rapid advances in digitalization on our society by Jeanette Huber to a talk on fundamental discoveries of new materials by Nobel prize winner Wolfgang Ketterle.   

More information and a full program for the day is found here.