Congratulations to IQST-Student Johannes Schmidt | Best student paper presentation

 Spie Photonics Europe Conference, April 2018, Strasbourg

Vapor cell | 5th Institute of Physics, University of Stuttgart

For the excellent presentation on "A transimpedance amplifier based on an LTPS process operated in alkali vapor for the measurement of an ionization current"  at the SPIE Photonics Europe conference in Strasbourg in April 2018, IQST-Student Johannes Schmidt has been awarded! The prize for the best student paper presentation includes a certificate, a 1 year membership, 25 online downloads from the SPIE library and 50 Euro cash!

Congratulations to Johannes and all the others who have made this joint research project about gas sensors based on Rydberg excitation so successful!

You can find the proceeding paper and the presentation including a sound file of Johannes' presentation here (doi: 10.1117/12.2309655).