New IQST Executive Board and Directors elected | View our current board members

After a 4 year term the IQST board is newly elected

New IQST directors: Stefanie Barz and Fedor Jelezko Photo: Elvira Eberhardt, KIZ UUlm

New IQST Board Photo: Elvira Eberhardt, KIZ UUlm

Due to the IQST statutes the executive board has to be newly elected after a 4 year term. In our last IQST Fellows Meeting on April 21, 2022 the current board members and directors have been elected: 

Directors: Stefanie Barz, Fedor Jelezko

Executive Board: Jens Anders, Joachim Ankerhold, Christian Ast, Stefanie Barz, Christof Gebhardt, Fedor Jelezko, Ilia Polian

Consulting board member: Tilman Pfau

The new  IQST Board has become more interdisciplinary and more representative of the broad scientifc expertise in our center. Also more junior fellows are engaged to support IQST 's further development and take on new challenges in sustainably preparing the center for the 2nd quantum revolution.

Many thanks to our former directors Tilman Pfau and Joachim Ankerhold for their great engagement and leadership of IQST in the last years. We are also grateful to the outgoing members of the executive board Bernhard Keimer, Wolfgang Schleich and Jörg Wrachtrup for their many years of invaluable input and support.

Welcome to our new members Jens Anders, Christian Ast, Christoph Gebhardt and Ilia Polian and much success for all future tasks!

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