IQST Day @UUlm, N27 | Save the Date for an exciting in-person event with interesting talks and networking opportunities!

Our next IQST Day will be held as an in-person event at the Ulm University, N27!

IQST-Day 2019

Photos: Elvira Eberhard, KIZ @UUlm 2019

09:00 Feb. 16, 2023    18:00 Feb. 16, 2023

Location: N27 @UUlm

Organizer: IQST

Preliminary program of IQST Day - invited speakers to be confirmed:

9:00 am   Welcome and news in IQST 

 9:15 am  Quantum in BW session | tba

10:45 am  Coffee break

11:15 am  Introductory talks by new IQST Fellows | tba

12:30 am  Lunch and Poster session

 2:00 pm   Quantum Computing at IQST

 3:30 pm   Coffee break

 4:00 pm  Quantum Industry at IQST | tba

 4:45 pm  Networking with beer & bretzel (until 6 pm)

There will be a registration form comming up soon to help us organize this event and to ensure that we have sufficient drink and food for everyone!

All interested in QST are welcomed! We are looking forward to meeting you all there!