Annual IQST PhD Retreat @Reisensburg | Save the date!


PhD-Retreat, 2022

15:00 Jun. 14, 2023    14:00 Jun. 16, 2023

Location: Wissenschaftszentrum Reisensburg

Organizer: IQST

We invite all PhD students of our IQST community to participate in this year's retreat! We will meet again at Reisensburg to enjoy 2,5 days filled with research talks, poster session, scientific writing course, networking activities and social exchange. We have put together an exciting program for you including science lectures, industry talks, the very popular course in scientific writing and much more. Preliminary talks are:

Science lectures:

  • Quantum Optics by Monika Aidelsburger, LMU
  • Bioimaging and Bioanalysis by Romana Schirhagl, University Groningen
  • Quantum Systems Theory by Anja Mertelmann, KIT

Industry talks:

  • Quantum Computing at IBM, Sieglinde Pfaendler IBM
  • tbd

The program will be finalized soon. More information and a registration form will also come up soon!