Cluster4Future "QSens" for researchers from the Universities of Stuttgart, Ulm and their industrial partners

Joint project between academia and industry partners to bring innovative quantum sensors to market.

The joint project QSens has won the highly competitive competition "Clusters4Future" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as one of seven innovation networks nationwide and the only one on quantum technologies (Jan, 2021). Together with industry, researchers from Stuttgart and Ulm want to develop quantum sensors for future applications and bring them to market maturity. Applications range from medical diagnostics to autonomous driving and information technology (IoT internet of things). To achieve this ambitious goal, the development of a regional innovation ecosystem is crucial to significantly reduce the high barrier to entry for the increasing use of quantum technologies.

In addition to the already existing industry cooperation with Zeiss, Bosch, Bruker, and Trumpf in the center for IQST, further industry partners will be involved. Also strong collaborations exist with the state research institute IMS Chips, Stuttgart and the recently established DLR - QT institute (German Aerospace Center on Quantum Technologies) in Ulm. The cluster QSens will strongly benefit from an unique research and development infrastructure such as the Ulm Center for Quantum and Biosciences (ZQB), the Stuttgart Center for Applied Quantum Technologies (ZAQuant) and the infrastructure of the involved companies.

Over the next ten years, the BMBF will fund the Clusters4Future with up to 450 million euros - with industry providing grants of a similar amount. The first three-year funding phase will provide each cluster with up to 15 million euros.

Contact (Cluster Speaker):

Prof. Dr. Jens Anders
Institute of Smart Sensors 
University of Stuttgart

phone: +49 711 685 67250
Email: jens.anders(at)


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