Tech Transfer | Local and National Startup support

There is more support than ever at the local and national level for founding a startup and in particular for high-tech startups. Join the long tradition of innovators from Baden-Wuerttemberg, who have founded world-leading companies such as Bosch, Zeiss or Daimler, and found your own company. Many of the resources listed below can help support startups with many years of experience and know-how in helping startups make business plans, identify their customer base, apply for funding programs, and by providing essential infrastructure. Consider joining a local startup community, as the best way to learn the ins and outs of founding a startup is to learn from other entrepreneurs. For all high-tech startups it is essential to inform yourself about procuring patents and the procedure for ensuring a patent of your marketable innovation.

This list is merely meant to serve as a collection of the local sources of help.  IQST does not specifically endorse any of the sources of assistance noted here and we are not associated with any of the organizations listed here.

Please contact us if we should know more about your services for aiding startups.