BSc Courses

At the Universities of Stuttgart and Ulm many interesting fundamental and advanced lectures or seminars on quantum science and technology are offered within the bachelor and master programs in physics, chemistry and engineering.

These offers are complemented by lectures of invited guest researchers and continuously developed and expanded by further interdisciplinary lectures and seminars.

In the Bachelor's program, there are more introductory and fundamental lectures in order to gain a basic understanding and initial overview of quantum science.

Study courses Ulm University Winter/Summer semester Lecturer
Quantum Mechanics SS M. Plenio
Atom and Molecular Physics SS J. Hecker Denschlag
Advanced Methods of Quantum Mechanics SS S. Huelga

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Study courses University of Stuttgart Winter/Summer semester Lecturer
Theoretical Physics II (Quantum Mechanics) WS alternating
Theoretical Physics IV WS alternating
Advanced Optics (2 semesters):
- Semiconductor Quantum Optics
- Linear Optics


P. Michler
R. Löw

Nonlinear Dynamics (2 semesters) WS (start) J. Main
Quantum Information Processing (2 semesters) WS (start) J. Wrachtrup
Quantum Technologies (2 semesters) WS (start) S. Barz
Advanced Atom Physics (2 semesters) WS (start) T. Langen
Fundamentals of Experimental Physics III + IV (2 semesters):
- Optics
- Physics of atoms and nuclei


T. Pfau
T. Pfau
Fundamentals of Experimental Physics V (Molecular and Solid State Physics) WS alternating

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