IQST Young Reasercher Project

Quantum dots on silicon platform: new approach of telecom light for sensing applications

Project Description:

Silicon is currently the dominant material for electronics, being well known, cheap and common. In the last decades, it is also imposing as platform for photonics. Several functionalities have been demonstrated and the only drawback is the lack of an efficient light source. One way to overtake that is integrating optically active III-V materials on the silicon chip. The current project has the goal of designing and fabricating sensing devices on the silicon platform. Light sources will be provided by efficient and low-power consumption quantum dot-enabled LEDs and lasers. Heterogeneously integrated vertical-emitting resonant-cavity LEDs and lasers will be developed, emitting in the range of 1.3 μm were full operation of QDs has been already demonstrated [click here for the list of publications]. QD-based lasers have the advantage of a superior temperature stability (compared to quantum well lasers), high noise tolerance to optical feedbacks and low power consumption. Light propagation and sensing will be developed using the well-established fabrication capabilities of silicon fabs.

Further Collaborations:

Prof. Dr. Peter Michler

Prof. Dr. Ing. Joachim Burhartz

bringing together twenty years of experience in the field of QDs and state-of-the-art silicon fabrication capabilities.