Alliance Project

Quantum control in the synthesis of ultracold polyatomic molecules



  • Prof. Johannes Hecker Denschlag (Ulm)
  • Prof. Roman Krems (UBC)


The goal of this project is the synthesis of ultracold polyatomic molecules, i.e. molecule consisting of three or more molecules. We propose to take first steps in this direction, theoretically and experimentally. Concretely, we envisage photoassociation of an ultracold Rb2 dimer with an Rb atom to form a Rb3 molecule in a well-defined quantum state. Once produced, the trimer is detected via photoionization. The experiments will take place in our cold atom lab in Ulm where we can routinely produce ultracold atom-molecule mixtures. In order to guide the experiments, complex calculations on molecular trimer states and their dipole matrix elements will be done at UBC, Vancouver. The two groups will work together via email and skype but also via extended stays in Ulm and Vancouver.