Alliance Project

Algorithmic quantum sensing beyond T1 limit of frequency resolution


  • Daniel Louzon (Ulm)
  • Thomas Unden (Ulm)


  • Boris Naydenov (Ulm)


  • Prof. Fedor Jelezko (Ulm University)
  • Prof. Dorit Aharonov (Hebrew University)
  • Prof. Alex Retzker (Hebrew University)

Project Description:

Quantum metrology enhanced by repetitive quantum error correction.

  • Nitrogen Vacancy center based magnetometer has shown unprecedented sensitivity and spatial resolution owing to its long coherence time and atomic size.
  • The NV center's electron spin is a sensitive probe to external magnetic field but the sensitivity is intrinsically limited by its phase memory time T2*.
  • Here we experimentally demonstrate, the approach presented in [2] of combining sensing protocol with Quantum error correction, which promises to tackle noise of high frequency where dynamical decoupling fails.
  • This is a promising addition to state of the art techniques for quantum sensing in noisy environments.