The Quantum Incubator

The partner institutions of IQST have established the Quantum Incubator to increase exchange with industry, and to support researchers in bringing their ideas to products.

The Quantum Incubator provides:

  • Entrepreneurial training by industry leaders,
  • Experienced business angels to foster start-up activities in IQST,
  • Push-pull workshops to facilitate the transfer of know-how from academia to industry,
  • Networking for scientists and engineers from both the Universities of Stuttgart and Ulm and industry partners,
  • IP support to entrepreneurs from IQST,
  • Connections to national and international start-up funding and venture capital.

Join the Quantum Incubator's monthly quantum entrepreneur seminar (see below) - an industry-led seminar series to inspire quantum innovations in both academia and industry.

Current start-up companies involved:

Industry Partners:

Quantum Entrepreneur Upcoming Seminars and Events

Jul. 14. Come to learn about the work of Albrecht Bartels in developing femtosecond lasers, founding a company, Gigaoptics GmbH, and being bought by Laser Quantum GmbH.     Read more
May. 29. Get to know the EXIST Founders Program, the TTI GmbH and other entrepreneurs in Stuttgart! Read more

Quantum Incubator News

Cambridge Quantum Computing presented commercial applications of quantum computers Read more

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