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Quantum-Dot Single-Photon Sources for Entanglement Enhanced Interferometry Read more
As part of the elite Baden-Württemberg postdoctoral program Dr. Tim Langen and Dr. Simone Portalupi (represented by doctoral student Mr. S. Kolatschek) had the opportunity to present their research at... Read more
Michael Bolle, the president of corporate research at Bosch and a IQST Scientific Advisory Board Member, discussed the future of quantum technologies at Bosch.   Read more
The new page features many of the advances from 2016 to 2017 in the interdisciplinary fields collaborating within the Center for IQST.  Read more
The book summarizes the most recent research and basic knowledge on single semiconductor quantum dots from the leading experts in the field, including IQST Young Researcher Simone Portalupi. Read more
IQST Graduate students represented the center at the fair, by discussing quantum phenomena and future quantum technologies with industry representatives.    Read more
Cambridge Quantum Computing presented commercial applications of quantum computers Read more
Commercialize quantum technologies in five years | 9 March 2017, Nature Read more
Fedor Jelezko from Ulm University, Institute for Quantum Optics, has been awarded the prestigious research prize 2016 of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany (Landesforschungspreis). Read more
Two outstanding research results from our IQST fellows have recently been published in Nature Read more