Oct. 11. to  19:33,  Oct. 12. Save the Date! All interested researchers and students are welcome! Read more
Jul. 14. Come to learn about the work of Albrecht Bartels in developing femtosecond lasers, founding a company, Gigaoptics GmbH, and being bought by Laser Quantum GmbH.     Read more
Jul. 04. to  12:30,  Jul. 06. The center for IQST will hold this symposium in honor of Wolfgang Schleich's 60th birthday. Read more
May. 29. Get to know the EXIST Founders Program, the TTI GmbH and other entrepreneurs in Stuttgart! Read more
May. 19. Speaker:Michael Knap (Technical University of Munich) Title: Collective Quantum Dynamics: From ergodicity to manybody localization Read more
May. 19. Speaker: Stephanie Reimann (Lund University). Title:Quantum gases in a low-dimensional confinement – from few-body properties to the mean-field regime Read more