IQST Symposium "Milestones in Quantum Optics"

The center for IQST will hold this symposium in honor of Wolfgang Schleich's 60th birthday.

13:30  Jul. 04., 2017 to  12:30 Jul. 06., 2017

Location: Ulm University | Forschungsgebäude N27, Multimediaraum | Meyerhofstrasse | 89081 Ulm

On the occasion of Wolfgang Schleich's 60th birthday, the center for IQST is organizing the symposium "Milestones in Quantum Optics" in his honor. Many of Wolfgang's friends and colleagues who he has worked with over his illustrious career will be attending.

The symposium will take place at Ulm University. In this year the University is also celebrating its founding 50 years ago and is planning a year-long jubilee.

The detailed program of the IQST symposium will be coming up soon!

Please have a look at the  preliminary schedule  of the symposium.

There will be a registration fee that includes the celebration dinner on Wednesday evening. 

Invited speakers:

  • Girish Agarwal, Oklahoma
  • Joachim Ankerhold, Ulm
  • Markus Aspelmeyer, Vienna
  • Peter Hänggi, Augsburg
  • Wolfgang Ketterle, Munich
  • Jeff Kimble, Caltech
  • Gerd Leuchs, Erlangen
  • Michael Lukin, Boston
  • Paulo Alberto Nussenzveig, Sao Paulo
  • Tilman Pfau, Stuttgart
  • William D. Phillips, NIST
  • Helmut Rauch, Vienna
  • Ernst Maria Rasel, Hannover
  • Achim Richter, Darmstadt
  • Roland Sauerbrey, Dresden
  • Marlan O. Scully, Texas A&M College
  • Anton Zeilinger, Vienna
  • ...